Smart Signage is a leap ahead of old digital signage and the 17,000 square foot LED display at 20 Times Square may be the largest Smart Signage installation ever.

This Goliath Smart Sign towers more than 90 fee over the intersection of 7th Avenue and West 47th Street and offers the higest resolution of any installation in Times Square.

You’ve witnessed for years the direction and importance of Smart Signage around the world.  Even if you have your head in the sand ignoring the world around you just watching the ball drop every New Year’s Eve provides a peek. 

The good news is that you don’t need to spend 4.5 million dollars to add Smart Signage to your business.  Our friends at iBuyLocal.TV have brought the price down to under a thousand.

With the building’s premium New York location costing a pretty penny investors wanted a sure fire ROI that brought the best businesses in as tenants.  They went with Smart Signage on the outside of the building to provide the neighborhood’s most spectacular display and it is already paying dividends.

You may think that something this large must be controlled locally however with cloud communication this Smart Signage beats up digital signage of the past by offering secure access from any internet access point and giving the building’s owners peace of mind.

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