Preserve & Share Town History
"It's Groupon Meets The Smithsonian"

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."

-Marcus Garvey

"There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know."

-Harry S Truman

"Companies and leaders are role models--not just with the business community--but in the broader world."

-Chip Conley
Clients & Counting

“This is an awesome tool for the Plainfield community to show its history and special places as well as to provide opportunities for commerce for our businesses.  Being a wander Indiana freak, this is a tool that would be hugely helpful when visiting a community.  This will put Plainfield ahead of the curve from a marketing standpoint and is something that we tend to have a hard time expressing what we have available in our community.  Looking forward to the launch.”

Jeffrey Banning, P.E.
Banning Engineering PC


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Derek Crager


Derek Crager

Retired automotive engineer at age 51 and previous owner of 4 Main Street businesses.

Empathetic to the plight of today's business owners, like any good engineer that sees a problem--he designed a solution & he's back.

Plainfield High School 1985
Leadership Hendricks County 2008
Spirit of Hendricks County Award 2009

Kirsten Crager


Kirsten Crager

Human Factors PhD
Presenter Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris
Consultant for Microsoft,
Dell, Google & Facebook.

Plainfield High School 2010
Indiana University 2014
Wichita State University 2020

Kate LeGrand


Kate LeGrand

“Create a path where work = your life’s purpose = blessing others = income.

The art of earning a living is creating innovative ways to bring together the two realms of money and meaning and making them overlap significantly.”

About us

To Live Local means to be present in the moment and in your location.  You can be in another city and still Live Local.  Stop and smell the roses along the way.  Buy Local doesn’t mean you are forced to buy local, it means that you give your community a chance to surprise you before sending your money out of state.  More often than not, you will be surprised.

Our mission

To bring the physical internet to all towns and cities with populations <100,000 because we believe this is where you’ll find the heart of our America.

There is symbiosis between local business and community.  No town could have been built without local business and no local business can survive without a strong town.

Our offer

  • iLiveLocal Physical Internet Beacons for all community landmarks, parks & municipal buildings.
  • Phase II iBuyLocal commerce platform roll out to provide sales growth tools to local business.
  • A seamless what you see is what you get, smooth as silk, experience for the entire community.

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